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Kudu Safari Camp


A Welcoming Haven in Kenya for All Kind of Travelers and Nature Lovers

Only those who have already lived it can tell you about the extraordinary experience of a safari in Africa. Imagine Galana River that flows slowly, drawing a bend at the foot of a hill from which you can admire the sun rising in the morning and lying down in the evening on the infinite savannah. Imagine the free and wild animals, the untouched nature, the colors of the sunset, imagine Africa.

Kudu Safari Camp Kenya is a luxury tented camp located in a magical and unspoiled place at Tsavo East National Park, Kenya, next to the entrance of Sala Gate. The Camp rises on the banks of the Galana River, a peace-full place where nature, animals and humans live together with silence and harmony. This is a perfect location for guests traveling for Safari, but also for those guests just searching for wellness and relaxing holiday experience in the middle of Kenyan Savannah. Our Infinity pool and the outdoor restaurant in front of the fire under the stars of the African sky will complete the experience, making the trip truly unforgettable.

Kudu Safari Camp
Kudu Safari Camp
Tsavo East National Park


Kudu Safari Camp

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    Kudu Safari Camp

    Unique Experience

    Sunset View Dining Experience

    Enjoy a romantic sunset at Kudu Safari Camp Kenya, dining in the middle of the Kenyan savannah, tasting delicious food and wine, watching the sunset over the Galana River to the rhythm of the sounds of the Savannah.

    This 2 days special package includes 1 night stay and several services.

    Kudu Safari Camp
    Kudu Safari Camp Tsavo East Kenya
    Accomodation in Suite with all comforts
    Private Transfer to reach the Camp from Malindi / Watamu
    Complimentary breakfast
    Sunset Aperitif
    Candlelight Dinner in front of fire
    Access to the Pool
    "One of the best very spectacular and unique place!"

    Google - Maryanne Angila

    "All perfect. Friendly and helpful staff. Dinner over the galana river. Fantastic atmosphere."

    Google - Renée W. Bakker, IT

    "Charming and delicious. A tented camp on the river bank a step away from the Tzavo, an atmosphere of adventurous Africa and hospitality of the past."

    Google - Bruno angelico, IT

    "Wonderful place, cam, surrounded by animals (elephants included), minutes away from Tzavo."

    Google - Armando Volpe, IT

    "Nice place to come and relax and enjoy nature. Very good and hospitable staff. Will definitely come back again."

    Google - Jessica, UK


    Kudu Safari Camp


    Preserving nature is the condition of harmony among men and earth. We support the environment with various local projects.


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